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Area Links

Wildlife Images: Dedicated to helping North American Wildlife.

Crater Lake National Park: Clear blue lake inside a vast caldera.

Rafting rentals: Whitewater rafting from Merlin. Whitewater rafting from Merlin. Jetboat trips from Grants Pass. Whitewater rafting from Merlin

Fly-fishing: This place has it all...

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: The cultural jewel of the Pacific Northwest.

Britt Festival: Sit under the stars and enjoy the best entertainment in the country.

Valley View Winery
Bridgeview Winery
Southern Oregon Visitors Association
Grants Pass Visitors Directory

Doubletree Ranch - P.O. Box 22 Merlin, Or. 97532 - (541) 476-0120 ©2015

Exponent Content Management System Copyright (c) 2004-2007 OIC Group, Inc. =============================================== Planned for 0.96.7 ----------------------- # Anonymous user permissions. Grant permissions to "non-logged in" users. # Form control helpers. Generate forms in your views with new SMARTY tags which intelligently insert needed tags to save you time. # Increased YUI integration. Exponent will depend on only one external javascript library for a more solid development environment. # Validation subsystem for validating forms. # Spam control form helper. Reduce the spam you get by forcing users submitting forms to answer a simple question on the form. # Base theme built from YUI Grids with high HTML compliance as primary theme. # Common CSS. Major cleanups to CSS structure with simplified default stylesheets. # Drastic reduction in use of tables for site structure. # Overall user interface and usability improvements. ExponentCMS will be easier to use than ever before! # Administration control panel replaced with context-sensitive admin bar. # Drag and drop modules. # Full Search-Engine Friendly URL support. # Removal of unneeded modules, language packs, and themes from main download bundle. # Scaffolding. # Much, much more! Added / Fixed in 0.96.6 GA ----------------------- # Added ability to specify the quality of the image generated by the thumbnailer. # Added MySQLi Database option. Use the MySQLi database interface for improved MySQL performance. # Added new i18n strings. # Added database encoding check to the createTable function in MySQL class. # Fixes to links generated in search results. # Fixed session timeout check comparing against the string "true" instead of the value true. # Fixed bug in news module with permissions regardling the workflow system. # Fixed bug in resource module download script. Now sends proper headers for download which are recognized by all modern browsers. # Fixed bug in EditorControl which would cause installation problems on PHP4 servers. # Fixed bug which would cause pagination to show an extra, empty page under certain circumstances. # Fixed a bug which was preventing links from being deleted from linklist module # Fixed issue where an upgrade from 96.3 or 96.5 to 96.6 would cause a calendar in the Monthly view to not be shown. # Fixed a bug where a session could timeout mid-post when saving on the bbmodule. # Fixed bugs in file manager which was causing deletes to not be processed correctly. # Removed Image Workshop module and Directory Listing module from release. # Contact form will now use the sender's email address if available to allow for direct replies. # Install Wizard will remove improperly named wizard_pages file from datatypes directory which existed in 96.6 alpha # Icons converted to gif format for better load performance in Internet Explorer. # Many other various cleanups in views. Added / Fixed in 0.96.6 Beta ----------------------- # New editors! The single most requested feature is now implemented. Not only do we have a new and better editor, but we have three new and better editors to choose from - FCKEditor, Xinha, and TinyMCE. As of the alpha release, we are only shipping FCK for file size reasons, and TinyMCE needs a bit more work. When 0.96.6 hits stable, we will offer all three editors either packaged with the core, or as add-ons. # New image management interface. Image management has taken a step forward. Existing image managers are still supported, but you can now upload your image via the editor image selection interface, which saves quite a few clicks. Future: We have some sketches completed for the full Media Manager, which will centralise all resource upload, download, and manipulation into a very kick-butt, AJAXed interface. # Tags. Our initial implementation of technorati style tags have been added to the calendar, news, and weblog modules. # User signup notification. Added configuration to send email notification to site admin when new user signsup. Also email the user signing up if configured to do so. # Various underlying code changes to speed things up and/or make long-term development easier. # New Guestbook module integrated (contribution) # New RSS Feed displayer module integrated (contribution) # Many weblog module enhancements. # Added 'Can Download' permissions to the resource managers (authenticated downloads). # YUI (Yahoo's AJAX and CSS library) integrated. # Several new themes, including a base Barebones theme using YUI Grids for pure CSS driven templates # "Featured Items" field and views for Calendar & News mods. # Added Codemap Module (aka Roadmap module) # Added the Article module to the base install - It was an add-on module # Added the Wizard Module to Exponent. # Added in RSS support as default instead of addon patch # Replaced missing i18n strings all around. # Added two views to the Textmodule. The new views are "With Header" and "Without Header". # Added the Tasklist module to the base install (aka Todo Module). # Added the Slideshow Module to the base install. # Added the Simple Poll Module to the base install. # Added a new action, View All, to the Content Rotator module # Added the Page module to the base install. # RSSified the newsmodule # Many new navigation Module views Added * Children Only 2 * Children Only 3 * CSS Menu * Full CSS Menu * Site Map * Expanding Heirarchy - Children Only (check this one out if you get a chance!) * Enhanced version of the Breadcrumb.tpl # Misc login Module changes. # Added action "showuserprofile". # Added Listing Module to the base install - It was an add-on module. # Added Link List Module (allows users to easily create a list of web links). # Added Imageworkshop module: this module is still in development. # Added Greeking Module. # Form Module changes: * Added form.validate.js into core (or back in). # Added FAQ module to the base install. * Added table of contents view (as seen on this # Calendar Module * Added RSS. * Added Search action. # Added Directory Listing Module. # Added the new BBmodule (a.k.a. Forum) as seen on # Added the Image Gallery module along with the "View All" view and the "View All with Popups" # Added Smarty plugin for function.currency_symbol.php for Currency Symbol. # Added Smarty plugin function.makecase.php for case modification of strings. # Added Smarty plugin function.rsslink.php for making an RSS link. # Container Module changes * Added infopopup functionality & view * New views o Two Column Homepage o Home o Rightcolumn # Replaced default view for the search module with one that is more Googlish. # Added Danish language pack. # Many other minor improvements (too many to list) on a varitey of modules and views. Added / Fixed in 0.96.5 ----------------------- 0.96.5 Added _mainteanance.tpl language file. [FD] 0.96.5 A php injection problem is fixed in the bannermodule [HW] 0.96.5 Added a final confirmation message to the Contact Form module (which is NOT being deprecated, contrary to popular belief) 0.96.5 Added a notification to the connect code for the database (mysql) simular as phpReview [HW] 0.96.5 Added a view link for Resources Module search results. 0.96.5 Added ability to name archive of exported files, much like the EQL exporter lets you name the EQL file. 0.96.5 Added an eDebug function to do preformated outputing of objects/arrays. [FD] 0.96.5 Added charsets to htmlentities calls (for better i18n support) 0.96.5 Added fix in block.paginate.php Smarty plugin to fix bug related to random insertion of PHPSESSID [PB] 0.96.5 Added full system0.96.5 level i18n support [JH, FD, HW] 0.96.5 Added gz compression to the archive created when exporting uploaded files through the Uploaded Files Exporter (previsouly, they were just straight tars, and rather large) 0.96.5 Added new Logout view for the loginmodule [AK] 0.96.5 Added optional orderby parameter to mysql.php selectObject and selectObjects function [FD] 0.96.5 Added the ability to sort Address Book entries by name. 0.96.5 Added the option to open Navigational pages in a new window. 0.96.5 Added unlinking in installer of two deprecated files in administrationmodule/tasks [AK] 0.96.5 Added username checking to parse out leading and trailing spaces and disallow names less than 4 chars [FD] 0.96.5 Added version forcing to the EQL handler functions (backup subsystem) 0.96.5 Better display name generation for the login module, in case the user has no first or last name. 0.96.5 Captcha: Typecasted variables for the width & height. 0.96.5 Consolidated all file0.96.5 upload error handling into one place. 0.96.5 Corrected incomplete sentence in System Info page of Administration Control Panel 0.96.5 Enhanced Jacob Mesu's username checking in the login module to use the existing security check in the security subsystem [FD] 0.96.5 Fixed a blank page problem when logging in through login.php without visiting the site first. Upon successful login, the user will be taken to the Default section. 0.96.5 Fixed bug in format_date plugin that caused misinterpretation of some strftime arguments on Windows. 0.96.5 Fixed EQL download / save code for Windows browsers. 0.96.5 Fixed existing content picker 'No Content' error message [FD] 0.96.5 Fixed Monthly by Day recurrence bugs in Calendar module 0.96.5 Fixed some newline handling bugs in the EQL functions (backup subsystem) 0.96.5 Fixed some strange bugs related to grant and revocation of Acting Administrator status. 0.96.5 Fixed the '$message' bug in the SMTP subsystem 0.96.5 Fixed the phantom last section bug, where a user is taken to the last page they visited, even if it was days ago. 0.96.5 Fixed the 'Unable to Add Codebase' bug in the MultiSite Manager (along with some other issues) 0.96.5 Fixed two issues with Daylight Savings Time in the calendar module [FD] 0.96.5 Fixed undefined index in administrationmodule/actions/configsite.php [FD] 0.96.5 Fixed weblog bug so that comments can be edited. 0.96.5 Image module: Directory disclosure fix 0.96.5 Image module: Fixed a security issue that parsed php within the image code 0.96.5 Increased field length of phone numbers in Address Book entries to 15 characters (from 10) for non0.96.5 US phone numbers 0.96.5 Merged various SMTP subsystem enhancements [FD] 0.96.5 Moved title in Text Module views so that it appears above the edit icons (since it cannot be edited). 0.96.5 Removed unused Caching code and added new navigation cacheing for better performance [JH & HW] 0.96.5 Resource module: Checks for the excistance of files before a link to a file is shown [HW] 0.96.5 Security update: Typecasted all variables where appropriate [HW & FD] 0.96.5 The pathos lib is fixed to only accept typecasted sections [HW]. 0.96.5 Updated the Private Message Center so that error conditions on the form are handled a little more gracefully (especially with respect to recipient lists) 0.96.5 URL validation now being performed in Address Book for website, and http:// prepended if something seems off. This fixes some relative path bugs when linking. 0.96.5 WAMP platform fix in template.php subsystem. 0.96.5 Incorrect dates saved for recurring monthly by day events. (adam) 0.96.5 After closing browser, user remains logged-in (adam) 0.96.5 Admin Module: System Info Export fails (adam) 0.96.5 Checksum files incorrect (adam) 0.96.5 Admin Module: No restore defaults for File Types (adam) 0.96.5 Upgrade scenario fails (adam) Limitations in Exponent 0.96.5 You may enter content in whatever language you choose, but you can not enter multi-language content and switch between them as of yet - this is coming in a future release. 426 Admin Module: Spider Site complains about Exponent File Manager 431 The Exponent equivalent of "su - " 432 Weekly view show events of whole month 433 After changing resource title, its not updated 434 Loop is reserved word in mysql 5.0 449 BBModule: improve quoting(more intutitive) 451 Can't connect to the database via sock path 452 Resource Manager: Upload resource link is hidden in One Click Download mode 453 Resource Manager: Download link is hidden in Preview mode 454 Resource Manager: settings via Module Configuration do not appear 455 Listing module: Damaged non-ascii characters Contact Us - Doubletree Ranch - Cabin Rentals, Lodging, Hiking Trails, Fishing and more on the Rogue River :: Grants Pass :: Merlin :: Oregon
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Doubletree Ranch
P.O. Box 22
Merlin, Or. 97532
(541) 476-0120

Doubletree Ranch - P.O. Box 22 Merlin, Or. 97532 - (541) 476-0120 ©2015